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Friday, June 28, 2013

Sunset over St Kilda Beach

My lovely husband and I enjoyed a holdiay in Melbourne in March and one night we went to St Kilda Beach to relax and have a look at the awesome sunsets they have there with the city in the background

So here is the painting that will be the front piece for our exhibition... Thank you St Kilda

'Going home to roost' is a very large piece and I am really happy with it :)

I love it when a painting comes together like this and I am really happy with the sky :)


The sublime Milla Milla Falls

I love this place - it is beautiful and awe-inspiring ... a fabulous large waterfall with lots of beautiful bush and lush growth around.

It makes me happy just thinking about it - so of course .... I painted it!

Here is 'Textures of Milla Milla Falls' - I love the place 

I do hope you enjoy it :)


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Thank you for the support!!

Through my working life I have met some amazing people and I have to say working in drugs and alcohol for 5 years were challenging in so many ways. I loved running the organisation and makign a difference to the people who used the services we ran.

I was lucky enough to meet Ben Aulich who came onto the Board and worked with him for a couple of years. Ben and I started talking about my art and he said he was interested in sponsoring an exhibition.

Three years later we are making it happen and today was our first meeting where Ben has some great ideas about the exhibition and the leadup to it at the M16 Gallery. He is not only financially sponsoring the exhibition but assisting us with marketing too through his contacts into the MArketing and Promotion industry.

In addition we also have a winery who are happy to serve our launch guests for free. I am so excited.

Today I met with Ben and we nutted out the sponsorship and I am delighted to say I think it will be fabulous!!

I am excited !!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Such Exciting News

Wow I have to say I was feeling kinda rejected after 2 galleries did not feel as though they wanted our exhibition. It was rather deflating - as you put so much work into the paintings and works, planning and writing and putting yourself out there.

It sort of felt being rejected by that school boy you had a crush on all over again!!

But - not anymore - M16 has let us know we have an exhibition with them in 2014!! Hooray - I feel at least someone is going to take us on - how excited are we!!!!!!

Through the Lens 
17th April - 4th May 2014
M16 Artspace
Kingston Canberra
Carol Mead - Mixed media
Kristin Ballard - Photography
Whoooo hoooooo
And we have a sponsor too - Ben Aulich and Associates
So it is all steam ahead

I drank champagne last night - yep it is exciting!!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

In the quiet of the morning

I love far north Queensland - the light and the colours are just magical

So I have been wanting to paint Mossman Gorge for sometime and my son Matt and I went there before the visitors at 8 am to get some shots before the water was stirred up and people were everwhere

This is the painting that I completed today :) I love the water - it is different but works well I think

I have another photo and a different aspect - I think that might be my next one :)

Bye for now